Data Brokerage


Data brokerage is a multi-billion-dollar ecosystem of companies collecting, aggregating, analyzing, buying, selling, and sharing data on individuals, ranging from demographic information to political affiliations to income data, health conditions, and GPS locations. The buyers of this data span, among others, advertising firms, insurance providers, banks and financial institutions, US law enforcement agencies, abusive individuals, and criminal scammers—and, potentially, even foreign actors. Duke’s data brokerage project researches this ecosystem—its players, its practices, and its implications for civil rights, consumer privacy, personal safety, national security, and democracy itself. It engages in quantitative and qualitative research, publishes commentaries and works with media to educate the public on these practices, and engages with US state and federal policymakers as well as privacy practitioners globally on the data brokerage ecosystem.

Media Coverage

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HBO Feature

“Data Brokers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” HBO, April 10, 2022. Featured research and work by Justin Sherman.

Policy Impact

"The Location Data Market, Data Brokers, and Threats to Americans’ Freedoms, Privacy, and Safety." Written Testimony of Justin Sherman before the Massachusetts Legislature Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure. Hearing on Pending Legislation.  June 26, 2023.

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Warren, Wyden, Murray, Whitehouse, Sanders Introduce Legislation to Ban Data Brokers from Selling Americans’ Location and Health Data,”, June 15, 2022.

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