Cyber Policy and Gender Violence


The Duke Cyber Policy and Gender Violence Initiative (CPGVI) researches the ways that technology impacts survivors of gender-based violence, focusing on topics such as stalkerware and data broker “people search sites.” The initiative’s work covers three broad areas: data analysis, law and policy solutions, and outreach. CPGVI focuses on engaging local community partners to deliver actionable policy and technical solutions. The initiative maintains an active blog focused on developments in tech policy that impact survivors of gender-based violence.

The CPGVI team is in the early stages of rolling out the Data Pipeline Project, which aims to aggregate data from community partners in North Carolina to better understand the needs of organizations that support survivors of gender-based violence. The team is also currently researching federal and state laws that impact survivors of gender-based violence in the digital sphere, from telecommunications to digitized public records. CPGVI has proposed reforms to North Carolina’s Address Confidentiality program, which protects survivors’ residential addresses from certain public records, and has previously published work about stalkerware and the impact of COVID-19 on survivors of gender-based violence.

Learn more about the initiative’s work and see current publications here.