Agenda and Speakers: Cybersecurity Leadership Program

Information about our 2023 Program Agenda can be found below. Our 2024 Program Agenda will be updated closer to the event.


Day 1
  • Registration
  • Opening / Welcome (Dean Judith Kelley)
  • Plenary Session: Cybersecurity for Senior Leaders
  • Coffee Break
  • Plenary Session: Risk Management / Standards
  • Lunch - Keynote: The Global Need for Cybersecurity Leadership (Luis Adrián Salazar)
  • Plenary Session: Day in the Life of a CISO Panel
  • Coffee Break
  • Breakout Sessions
    • Healthcare
      • Cybersecurity in the Health Sector & NIST Cybersecurity Framework as it relates to the HIPAA Security Rule
      • Coping with a Severe Cyber Attack on a Hospital: Use Case from Israel
    • National Security
      • TBD
    • Law/Compliance
      • U.S. Regulatory Requirements (SEC focus)
      • Building a Compliance Program
  • Dinner - Keynote (Karim Lesina - Millicom)

Day 2

  • Opening Keynote (Held for Nate Fick or Liesyl Franz)

  • Plenary Session: How to Prepare for and Respond to a Breach

  • Coffee Break

  • Plenary Session: Ransomware

  • Lunch - Keynote (Held for Nate Fick or Liesyl Franz)

  • Plenary Session: Cloud Security

  • Plenary Session: AI and Cybersecurity Implications

  • Coffee Break

    • Healthcare
      • Secondary Uses of Health Data, Interoperability, and FHIR
      • The Health Data Landscape Beyond HIPAA
    • National Security
      • Critical Infrastructure and Risk
      • Supply Chain - Open Source Code
    • Law/Compliance
      • Cybercrime
      • How to Engage with Law Enforcement

        Breakout Sessions

  • Dinner - Keynote (Michael Steed - Paladin Capital)

Day 3

Simulation Exercise

  • Keynote: Wendi Whitmore (Unit 42 by Palo Alto Networks)

  • Simulation Exercise

  • Lunch - Keynote: Nita Farahany

  • Simulation Exercise (continued)

  • Closing Remarks Panel

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